Monday, September 22, 2008

Update on Contaminated Milk in China

In a very recent blog, I said, “Unfortunately, some of the contaminated milk had already been sold to Bangladesh, Myanmar and some African countries. There has been no evidence so far that any of the tainted products have been sold overseas.”

Unfortunately, contaminated milk from China has shown up in one of the products whose mother company is in the Netherlands. Dutch dairy company Friesland Foods is recalling all its plastic bottled milk in Hong Kong and Macau after one of Chinese-made products was found to be contaminated with one of the same chemicals blamed for the deaths of the Chinese babies. Melamine was found in their “Lady” brand strawberry milk. Friesland Foods Hong Kong ordered the recall “as a measure of precaution”.

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kathi said...

NPR reported on the a couple of days after you broke the news here, P. They said that Nestle brand products sold in China were also found to be tainted this way.