Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Enterprising Financially-Beleaguered Zoo Takes Action

A good play always has an understudy standing in the wings so if the star is unable to perform, the play can go on anyway with the understudy taking over the role.

Much the same thing has happened in Gaza City in the Gaza Strip. That area is recovering from the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas war. Unfortunately, the small zoo’s two zebras died due to starvation.

The Marah Land Zoo’s zebras were a popular attraction and are too expensive to replace; so, zookeepers got creative. A professional painter was hired and with the help of some French-manufactured hair dye, white donkeys became zebras.

The children who visit love the “zebras” because they can pet and ride them. They’re quite tame – almost like donkeys. The zoo has an aging tigress, two monkeys and a selection of birds, rabbits and cats on display.

Via TreeHugger and MSNBC.

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