Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Odd Blog (I warned you about)

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Being the “earth muffin” that I am, I have always had plenty of plants around me. Not only do I love the look of plants; but, I love the free air cleaning they provide. The air in homes with plants always smells fresher to me.

I had always thought that cranking my windows open and having an abundance of plants would keep the air in my condo clean, fresh and as pure as possible. But, I was obviously wrong…

Introducing the Botanical Air Purifier; or, “plant inside machine with fan” as most people will see it. The purpose of the machine is to suck in air and circulate it around the plant’s roots and leaves before releasing the air back into room. I had previously (and obviously erroneously) thought that the natural air circulation in the room combined with an open window would be more than enough breeze to circulate it around the plant’s leaves and roots. As far as I know, plants don’t discriminate between a real breeze and an artificial one. They clean the air just as well no matter which method the air was delivered to them by.

However, again I seem to fail to understand the importance of this machine. According to their retail website, it’s the winner of a Popular Science Invention Award.
Drawing on NASA research, the botanical air purifier removes common household VOCs, including formaldehyde and other toxins emitted from paint, carpets, and adhesives, and recirculates clean air into your home. A study performed by Le Laboratoire of Paris found that the device reduces the concentration of formaldehyde by 50% in 30 minutes, 10 times faster than a traditional air filtration system.

So, if you feel a burning desire to spend $200 per machine rather than buy a couple of nice plants, this product is for you.

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