Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Did You Know That...

Geckos are cute little lizards and they have a feature no other type of lizard has - they have a voice. They can make chirping sounds to communicate with their fellow geckos.

Some men grow beards and others like the "12 o'clock shadow" look; but, the average male in the United States spends 2,965 hours shaving his face during his lifetime.

Popcorn is a popular snack in the United States. Americans munch on 1.12 billion pounds of the fluffy white stuff a year; or, about 65 quarts of popcorn per person.

Most people would say that they are able to recognize the smell of natural gas. But; what they think they can smell is actually an artificial scent which is added to this odorless gas, so that when there is a leak, it can be detected.

If you are a North American living in a cold climate, you may complain about the amount of salt used to melt ice on the roads. Of all the salt mined in the world, 10% is used on those roads in the winter.

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