Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Odd Blog (I warned you about)

All photos courtesy: odditycentral

Guinness Rishi, formerly known as Har Parkash, who lives in Delhi, India, is going to be one colourful guy when he successfully completes his latest feat. He is in the process of setting another Guinness World Book of Records record. This will be Guinness' third world record once he completes his latest undertaking. He changed his name to Guinness to show his determination to keep setting world records.

The 67-year-old plans to have the flag from every nation on Earth tattooed on his body. He will be covered with 220 different banners and expects the process to take three years. He already has flags on his face from Canada, Britain, India, the USA, Cypress and the Indian Congress Party. He says he can probably fit about 60 of the flags on his head; but, he intends to cover his entire body with the flags, instead.

Guinness is so dedicated to his mission in life that he plans to have his genitals tattooed once he decides what to put down there.

Rishi's two other claims to fame are that he built the tallest sugar cube tower in the world at 64" tall; and, he became the father of the world's oldest adoptee when he took guardianship of his 61-year-old brother-in-law.

Everyone has their own personal dream. Here are pictures of Guinness in varying stages of tattooing following his.

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