Thursday, October 7, 2010

Slipping on Tie-ups

Photo courtesy: lifehacker

Do you have people in your family that have trouble with laces - toddlers, seniors, arthritis sufferers? Do you trip over your laces; hate tying them up; or, seem to break more than your fair share of laces? Whatever your reason for wanting self-tying shoes, read on.

This project is so simple, I can't believe it. It's possible to change all the shoes in the house in one afternoon.

All you really need for this project is a bit of elastic tubing, whether it be inner tube, surgical tube, bungee cord, or anything else you can find. Take the laces out so they can be used as a template. The tubing should be the same length as the laces; and, either trimmed to fit through the holes or a tubing that will fit the holes without adjustment.

Lace up the shoes with the tubing. Have the person's foot in the shoe as you make adjustments to the tightness required of the laces. Once all is comfy, say good-bye to having to deal laces ever again.

Then, you just need to take your shoe laces out, tightly lace up your shoes with the tube, and your shoes will stretch to fit your feet—no tying or long annoying laces required. Hit the link to see a few more pictures and detailed instructions for this incredibly simple hack.

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