Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gum Wrapper Creativity

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While most young ladies are begging their parents for prom dresses that cost more than the original down payment on the house, one young lady in Iowa was busy reusing and recycling for her prom dress. Not only that; but, she spared her parents the cost of having to buy a dress that would only be worn once (probably).

In Garner, Elizabeth Rasmuson learned of people making clothing from duct tape. She became inspired to make her prom dress and vest for her boyfriend out of a non-traditional material. She wanted to make hers and his outfits out of a creative, previously-untried material that would spark attention. Apparently, Elizabeth was successful in her attempt. She and her date, Jordan Weaver, made quite an entrance and garnered a great deal of attention (and, yes even publicity) in their prom outfits. That could be because Elizabeth had made her dress and a matching vest for her boyfriend out of gum wrappers.

She used more than 200 blue and white wrappers from Wrigley's "5" gum to craft the outfits; then, applied a vinyl topcoat to protect the somewhat fragile wrappers. It took the couple 8 months to have enough material to work with.

No word on the chewing strategies involved or whether they did all the chewing themselves.

However, I applaud their individuality and the courage to be themselves.

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