Friday, April 22, 2011

Special Pet Oxygen Masks Coming Soon to a Firehall Near You

Cat being resuscitated with pet oxygen mask. Photo courtesy: petsamerica

As a pet owner, I have long been concerned about the safety of my beloved animals if a fire should occur in my building. I know that animals' lives have been saved by fire rescuers using their own oxygen masks to help revive animals suffering from smoke inhalation. However, the masks are ill-fitting and not as effective on pets; but, now there is an alternative.

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, pets being rescued from a fire will have their own special oxygen masks to protect them. Between them, Dr. Barbara Bryer of the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto and Jeff Moynihan of Invisible Fence GTA are donating 16 masks to the Toronto fire department so firefighters can resuscitate animals at a fire scene. "Until now, firefighters used masks for humans if they needed to give animals oxygen," says Capt. Mike Strapko. Strapko once saved the life of a cat by strapping on a human oxygen mask. He says the cat only had a 40% chance of surviving.

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