Monday, June 6, 2011

What Goes Up May Not Be Able to Get Down

The pyramid of Khafre. Photo courtesy: egypt news

Photographer Hassan Farouq Antar wanted a better view of his surroundings so he climbed to the top of the second-largest pyramid in Egypt. The pyramid was built by Pharaoh Khafre in 2520 B.C.; and, rises 410 feet into the sky.

The trouble was that once Antar got to the top, he found he was too frightened to come down. Climbing the pyramids is forbidden; so, he was in quite a spot. A climbing specialist was brought in to rescue the man; but, that failed when the specialist realized his rescue attempt could endanger both men's lives.

Poor Hassan had to spend the night on the top of the pyramid and the next morning. A helicopter was sent to pluck Antar from his precarious perch.

There is no word on any charges that may or may not have been laid.

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