Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Block Watch Safety Tips

Image courtesy: BC Crime Prevention Program

Elevator Safety:

- check the elevator before you enter. If a person inside the elevator makes you uncomfortable, don't get it. Feign forgetting an article if you like
- stand near the control panel
- get off the elevator if another passenger makes you feel uncomfortable
- if you are attacked, hit the alarm button. Do NOT press the stop button because you may get trapped between floors

Safety for Persons with Disabilities:

- carry medical and emergency contact information with you in case of emergencies
- do not hang bags on your wheelchair or scooter
- affix reflectors to your wheelchair or scooter and install a bell or horn
- fasten a small pole with a flag to your wheelchair or scooter at the 5' level to make you more visible
- if call 911, tell the operator you have a disability
- if you have trouble speaking, keep a tape player near the phone to convey your name and address to emergency services. If your phone is a land line (not a cell phone) your address will automatically appear to emergency services when you call and they will send help automatically
- install a peephole in the door at YOUR eye level

Safety for Women:

- carry cash, credit cards, driver's licence, house keys, etc. in an inside jacket pocket or other concealed place
- if you wear a backpack, do not sling it over both shoulders
- never leave your purse unattended (e.g. in shopping carts, at restaurants, at work).
- don't let your purse be used against you:
* if someone grabs your purse, do not resist
* if it has a long strap, do not wear it across your chest
* carry a small purse tucked under your arm
* if you use a "fanny pack", wear it to the front and hide it under your clothing
- don't list your first name or salutation in the phone book, on lobby buzzer panels or on your answering machine

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