Thursday, September 8, 2011

Talk About Contented Cows

The herd on the way back to the barn. Photo courtesy:

Cows are very intelligent sentient beings; and, I am glad to see a dairy farmer who respects them for the amazing animals that they are. He and his family subscribe to the theory that contented, well-treated cows produce superior milk; that, in turn produces the dairy's superior cheese.

Their website makes this statement: "We believe that to make the best possible cheese it’s all about what is best for the cow, not what is best for us. So we lavish care on our cows, making sure that they have access to lush grazing during the spring and summer and that they are provided with spacious yet cosy housing when the weather isn’t so good."

The cows entering the rotary milking machine complete with classical music. Photo courtesy:

The cows are milked in a rotary parlour while listening to soothing classical music to ensure that each cow is comfortable and relaxed.

The website continues: "In these barns they enjoy the luxury of waterbeds for maximum comfort when lying down, as well as regular foot trimming ‘pedicures’ and a carefully tailored diet designed to meet their needs. There is also loads of space so that they can wander around freely and socialise."

I am especially delighted that this family recognizes the cows' need for same-species interaction. They are very social animals; and, can become very distress if deprived of interaction with another individual (same species or other).

After reading how they treat their cows, I am going to search out one of their cheeses and try it. I'm not too old or set in my ways to change brands.

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