Sunday, November 20, 2011

Did You Know...

In ballet, dancers learn how to do a "plie", which is from the French word "plier", meaning "to bend". A "demi-plie" is a half knee bend while a "grand plie", is a full knee bend.

Humans use their ears to hear; but, snakes hear with their tongues through vibrations. Organs in their knees help crickets hear while fish have ridges on their bodies that act as ears.

If a ram (male sheep) and a dam (female sheep at lambing time) have lots of lambs, they've created a group of sheep called a flock, drove, hirsel, trip or pack.

Mark Twain was the first writer to submit a typed manuscript to a publisher. He submitted The Adventures of Tom Sayer to Chatto and Windus in England in 1876. It was typed on a Remington typewriter.

The steps that dancers learn in ballet have French names. This is because ballet first became popular in France over three centuries ago.

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