Thursday, July 5, 2012

Did You Know That...

When Benjamin Franklin said "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", he was referring to the fact that he had just attached a lightning rod to his house.

George Washington Carver (1864-1943) was a lauded American botanist who made many important agricultural discoveries. Through his research, he found more than 300 uses for peanuts and over 100 uses for sweet potatoes.

In 1895 an audience gathered in Paris to watch the first-ever motion picture film. The movie was of workers leaving the Lumiere factory at Lyn. Louis and Auguste Lumiere invented the cinematography that was used.

Only about one-eighth of a tree's original volume is sold as timber once it's cut down. Half the tree is left in the forest; a quarter is lost to sawdust, slabs and edgings; and, one-eight becomes shavings and machining residue.

Among reptiles, the tortoise is one of the longest-living with a life span of between 116-152 years, depending on the species. A fin whale is next on list living 116 years as well.

Most people do not spend their whole night dreaming. In fact, they only dream during the part of the sleep cycle known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

The 2009 movie, Avatar, made more money than any other movie in history. It earned 2.8 billion at the box office.

The cashew, that rich nut that lots of people love, is actually not a nut; but, the seed of the cashew tree. Threfore, people who are allergic to nuts may not be allergic to cashews.

People better think carefully before getting a tattoo. In the United States 24% of the population has a tattoo; but, 17% of those decorated folks are thinking about getting a tattoo removed.

Although more famous for inventing the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell also invented the metal detector. Instead of finding treasures on the beach, its first purpose was an attempt to find the location of the bullet in the body of US president James Garfield.

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