Friday, October 19, 2012

Did You Know That?

A trait that distinguishes sea horses from other creatures is that the males are impregnated instead of the females. The female lays her eggs in the male's "birthing pouch", where they gestate, then hatch about 21 days later.

If someone says they looked in every nook and cranny, they are using old words with origins in Scotland. Nook meant a corner while cranny was another word for crevice.

The song, "Edelweiss" is one of the famous songs from the 1965 movie, "The Sound of Music". This was the last song ever written by lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II.

A Komatik is a traditional Inuit sled used for transporting heavy supplies for short distances over the snowy terrain of the far north. Traditionally pulled by a dog team, today it is usually pulled by a snowmobile.

Like the Inuit of northern Canada and the Maori of New Zealand, there is an indigenous group of people of northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and parts of northwest Russia. They are called the Sami.

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