Friday, June 26, 2009

The Asian Elephants of the Kerala Rainforest

John Seed, founder of the Rainforest Information Centre, makes an appeal for the largest population of Asian Elephants whose survival in the wild is in trouble. The elephants face two separate threats in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India.

The video John made contains breathtaking elephant footage that shows just what the world stands to lose if this crucial corridor between Indian states is made inaccessible to the elephants.

For those who need the assist to view: click here to view.

John would like anyone who is interested in helping the elephants to take 30 secs. to sign the petition at: . He also requests that you share this video through your blog, website, a link, word of mouth, or any means you have.

John Seed's website: The Rainforest Information Centre
Shekar Dattatri's website: click here. He took the amazing elephant footage.
The film is directed/edited by Ruth Rosenhek with Fx by Neil Pike.

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kathi said...

great video and no problem seeing it :)