Sunday, June 21, 2009

The World's First Raw Vegetable Institute

Photo courtesy Treehugger.

The raw food movement is a hot topic right now with many believing that raw foodists are only slightly less nutty than those claiming to be alien abductees.

However, in our increasingly health-conscious society, the benefits of raw food are becoming more and more apparent. Now, not everyone wants to give up all their cooked foods; but, it has been determined that a diet of 70% - 80% raw food will give you boundless energy and effortless weight loss. (Works for me!!)

There are three rules that must be adhered to in order for this to work:

1. Understand food combinations. Mix veggies with anything; but, keep starches (carbohydrates) and proteins separate from one another. In other words, do not eat proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal. Oil, butter, etc. may be eaten with your protein/veggie meal as desired; but, do NOT eat oils, butter, etc. with your carbohydrate/veggie meal.

2. Be careful with fruit. Most people think that eating fruit along with their main meal is a good way to stay healthy; but, it has been discovered that when fruit is digested along with other foods it causes fermentation. Fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach (½ hours before meals or 1 ½ hours after meals.) Always eat fruit alone – never in combination with anything else.

3. Drink fresh vegetable juice at least once a day. Fresh vegetable juice delivers the enzymes, minerals and all the nutrition of the vegetable straight into the bloodstream. It detoxifies the blood and cleanses the body without activating the digestive system.

Now an innovative cafe, culinary institute and shop in Oklahoma City is aiming to win over raw-food doubters by putting raw, or living, foods at the center of our culinary consciousness.

From the look and feel of its website, 105degrees raw food cafe and culinary center is attempting to change the unfavourable image raw-food diets have been burdened with for so long:
We intend to bring raw food cuisine to the mainstream, enhancing the health, level of dining, and career opportunities available in our local and worldwide community. The 105degrees Academy will draw students from around the globe, seeking to enter the fast-growing field of health-supportive culinary arts. We are currently accepting enrollment in our chef certification courses.

At 105degrees, we are committed to helping the environment. In a setting specifically built from the ground up with sustainability and the preparation of raw cuisine in mind, it will provide a warm and modern environment, ideal for the innovative menu created by Chef Matthew. In addition to building "green", we have worked aggressively to build relationships with local, organic growers of the fresh ingredients that comprise our cuisine. The fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes, will be locally and organically grown, whenever possible. Protecting the environment has been at the top of our list, in selecting everything from staff uniforms, to cleaning agents, to shop inventory.

Give the website a visit – I’m ready to take my next vacation in Oklahoma City and stay in a hotel very close to 105degrees raw food and culinary center. Looks yummy!!

I'm going to try the 30-day raw food diet and see how I get on. I'll let you know the results.

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