Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Problems With Blogger

Recently, the last week or so, there has been a problem with web-hosting site that I use to bring you this blog. They have been having problems with the “post” feature which means that I am unable to post a darn thing at times.

These periods are not 24/7; but, they are unexpected and I cannot anticipate them in advance. However, it does stop me from posting many times that I sit down to work on Environmentally Speaking. I am going to do my best to hedge my bets so the interruptions to you, the reader, are as few and far between as I can make them.

Meanwhile, if you’re here and I’m not – I’m being blocked.

Before I end this blog I must say that (which is my site) does a fantastic job most of the time. They host tens of thousands of us free of charge; and, there must be times when their server is under siege by the sheer number of us trying to log in at any one time. Thumbs up, blogger!

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