Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Reader Says...

My good friend, K, left a comment about my being the "Grandparront of the cutest little parrotlet in the world". I happen to agree, Daffodil, is gorgeous. I have named the baby Daffodil as it is apparent that it will be a yellow colour just like mom. The sex of Daffodil will have to wait until the feathers come in. Isn't he/she just the cutest little fuzzy/naked thing you've ever seen in your life.

Parrotlets are sexually dimorphic which means the sexes can be differentiated by the colouring of the feathers. They are the smallest of the parrots and have the hearts of lions.

The lady I bought Imogene from maintains an amazing website on parrotlets. Take a quick peek here to learn more about these amazing little guys!!

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kathi said...

LOVE her name!! Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers. Here in the South often called Jonquils.

Can't wait for more photos. She is so cute!!

Have you seen our new penguins at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga? Can send link. They grow very quickly.

Wonder if your readers would be interested in how eggs form in birds. I found it fascinating. Since most people eat eggs, even if they aren't bird enthusiasts like us, they may be interseted.