Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update on the Tetley Debacle

Photo courtesy: Cause2

This article is reprinted from Green Left Online. The situation with the tea pickers has not changed since I first reported on it. I did a previous blog detailing the inhumane treatment the tea pickers are receiving from Tata (a transnational Indian conglomerate) owns the wildly popular Tetley tea. Who doesn't recognize the Tetley tea elves? Unfortunately, Tetley is not as "employee-friendly" as the elves would have you believe.

Tata, the transnational Indian conglomerate whose wholly-owned subsidiary Tetley makes the world famous Tetley Teas, has taken 6500 people hostage through hunger, said on November 12. These include 1000 tea plantation workers and their families on the Nowera Nuddy Tea Estate in West Bengal, India. The workers have been locked and denied wages for all but two days’ work since early August

Management of the plantation, in which Tata holds the largest ownership share and exercises control, is seeking retaliation for a worker protest in August against its treatment of an eight-months’ pregnant worker who was denied maternity leave, forced to pluck tea, and then denied adequate medical treatment.

Workers want the estate reopened and their wages paid, but reject the suspension of eight workers singled out for protesting vile abuses. They refuse to renounce their right to peacefully protest abusive exploitation.

Visit to send a message to the CEOs of Tata and Tetly in support of the demands of the Nowera Nuddy Estate (Tata Tea) Workers’ Action Committee.

Don't forget to boycott Tetley and hit them where they hurt - their wallets.

Via International News, Green Left Weekly issue #819 25 November 2009.

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