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40 Uses for Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola may be dark, sticky and sugary, but this highly acidic soda can fight stains, remove rust and clean some of the toughest surfaces under your roof.

1.Grease Remover
Remove grease stains on clothing and fabrics by pouring one can of Coca-Cola into laundry, add detergent and wash as normal. You can also use Coca-Cola on ovens, backsplashes, stoves and microwaves as a de-greaser.

2.Rust Remover
Coca-Cola is an excellent rust remover that can be used on everything from rusty patio furniture, rusty chrome car bumpers to rust stains on clothes. Apply Coca-Cola using a sponge or rag, and for tough surfaces, use a crumpled piece of aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola and some elbow grease.

3.Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Pour a can of Coke into your toilet bowl, let it sit for an hour or longer and use a toilet brush to wipe away stains with ease.

4.Windshield Cleaner
Debug and wipe away road haze on your car windshield by shaking up a Coca-Cola can or bottle and pouring it over the windshield to break down the gunk and rinse it away.

Get rid of lime deposits and stains in kettles and coffee machines by pouring one or more cans of Coca-Cola into the container and let it sit overnight for optimal results.

6.Engine Cleaner
For decades, Coca-Cola has been used to clean engines by removing rust and corrosion.

7.Tile Grout Cleaner
Get your tile grout sparkling clean by pouring Coca-Cola on stained areas, let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it up.

8.Oil Remover
Remove oil stains from your garage, driveway or sidewalk by pouring Coke on the stains, let it soak for a bit and hose it off.

9.Battery Cleaner
Clean your corroded car battery by pouring some Coca-Cola directly on the battery terminals.

10.Cookware Cleaner
For tough, caked-on messes and burnt pots or pans, pour a can of Coke into the dirty pan until it reaches the top of the stain line; bring to boil, let simmer for 15 minutes and wash grime off.


Coca-Cola's sugary-sweet ingredients, acidic bite and caramel flavoring make it the perfect ingredient for marinades, barbeque sauces and even desserts.

Soak steaks, pork, or chicken in a Coca-Cola marinade to tenderize the meat and add a sweet flavoring to any dish.

12.Barbeque Sauce
Whip up a delicious Coca-Cola barbeque sauce to spice up chicken, pork and ribs.

Coca-Cola can sweeten any type of dessert, like cakes, cookies, pie and Jell-O and be used in frostings or syrups.

Make a sweet Coca-Cola gravy to serve on meat by heating a mixture of Coke, flour and other seasonings in a small pan.

Baste a ham or chicken with Coca-Cola, and watch as the sugars caramelize and keep the meat moist.

16.Egg Peeler
Save time peeling a hardboiled egg, by adding a half-cup of Coca-Cola to water and bringing to a boil. The acid in the Coke will soften the shells, making it easier to peel the eggs when cool.

17.Specialty Drinks
Impress your friends with Coca-Cola specialty drinks, like a Coke float or a Coco Cola using Coke, lime juice and coconut milk.

Health & Beauty

Although Coca-Cola may not be good to drink on the regular, it does have some health and beauty benefits you'll want to try next time you have hiccups or need a tanning lotion.

18.Shiny Conditioner
To de-gunk your hair and boost its shine, use Coca-Cola as an alternative conditioner and rinse.

Turn empty Coke cans into awesome curlers that give your hair big, full curls and lots of bounce.

20.Gum Remover
When gum gets stuck in your hair, soak your strands in a bowl of Coca-Cola for a few minutes and pull the gum out.

21.Thin Clumpy Mascara
Thin out clumpy mascara with a drop of Coke to add a little bit of moisture and improve its consistency, without making it watery.

22.Color Fader
Give your color-treated hair a Coca-Cola rinse to make the dye fade quicker.

23.Tanning Lotion
Coca-Cola makes a killer tanning lotion that can be applied alone or over sunscreen to give you a non-sticky and deep tan.

24.Curly Hair Wash
Get frizz-free spirals by pouring a flat Coke onto long hair, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse.

Make your skin soft and silky by adding a spoonful of Coca-Cola to your regular lotion and apply.

Cure nausea by drinking small amounts of a carbonated Coke every hour to relax the stomach.

27.Hiccup Cure
Take a big gulp of ice-cold Coca-Cola and gargle for a few minutes to get rid of pesky hiccups.

Drinking a flat Coke can help soothe the stomach and relax muscles, while relieving diarrhea symptoms.

A glass of hot Coca-Cola can help with decongestion and phlegm, as well as soothe the throat and stomach when sick with a cold.

30.Jellyfish Sting Reliever
Hold your pee and pour Coca-Cola on jellyfish stings for instant pain relief.


Coca-Cola has so many uses that some just can't be categorized, like these less practical, but oh-so-cool ways to use Coca-Cola whenever, wherever.

31.Stain Photos and Documents
If you want antiqued stationary or sepia-tone pictures, then soak the documents in a little bit of Coke or brush it onto the photo and dry.

32.Make Floors Sticky
Getting floors intentionally sticky by mopping with Coca-Cola may seem odd, but it can prevent slipping and accidents on slippery floors.

33.Noise Makers
Empty Coke cans or bottles make great noise makers by dropping rocks or beads into the container and capping the bottle or sealing the can shut with duct tape to be used at sporting events.

34.Coin Polisher
Remove tarnish and dirt from coins by soaking them in a bowl of Coca-Cola and rubbing dry.

Make your compost pile that much better by adding some Coca-Cola to increase acidity, which helps break down the biodegradable products, and sugars to improve soil quality.

36.Odor Remover
Get rid of stinky scents, like fish or smoke, by pouring a can of Coke into your laundry wash.

Pour Coca-Cola on your windshield and other icy surfaces to defrost faster.

38.Loosen a Rusty Bolt
Coca-Cola can loosen a rusty bolt that's stuck, by removing the rust and making it pliable again.

39.Insect Attractor
Keep wasps and bees at a distance, by attracting them to a bowl of Coca-Cola away from your outdoor dining area.

40.Insect Killer
On the same token, pour Coke into a bowl and let snails and slugs get off your plants and into the acidic soda that will be the end of them.

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