Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wild Dolphins Learn to Tail Walk from Released Dolphin

A dolphin that learned how to perform “tail walking” while in captivity at a marine amusement park was released back to the ocean, and has taught a group of wild dolphins the new trick! It is highly unusual to see this behavior in the wild, a “just for fun” behavior that marine experts liken to dancing.

This is reminiscent of the incident decades ago when a movie company released the sea gulls they had used in a locally-shot movie back into the wild. Trouble was the gulls had been taught to land on the heads of the actors; and, they would receive a treat for doing so. For the next three months or so, there were many reports from people who were near water about aggressive sea gulls landing on the heads and pecking them. The movie company never confessed to the "crime".

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