Thursday, December 8, 2011

Did You Know That...

The Himalayan snowcock is a large, grey partridge-like bird. Its nests are often found way up high in the Himalayas at heights of over 13,120 ft.

Alexander the Great couldn't grow a very good beard, so each day, he scraped off his "peach fuzz" with his dagger. His comrades didn't want to offend him; so, they started to shave, too, and it soon became a custom.

The saying "got his goat" originates from an old horse trainer's trick that involves putting a goat in the stall with a race horse to keep the horse calm. If a devious opponent stole the goat, it was said that the thief upset the horse's owner because he "got his goat".

A squid has eight arms and two tentacles and swims by forcing a jet of water out of its body. It is said that squid found in the Pacific Ocean can grow to be up to 59 ft. long; but, this has not been scientifically documented.

The Titanic had 20 lifeboats that had room for 1,178 people if filled to capacity. Unfortunately, there were 2,228 people on board during the ship's fateful voyage.

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