Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Safety Tip

Photo courtesy: shreddingmachines.co.uk

Call me what you will - I'm a security nut. I shred everything; but, one of the things I make sure I shred is the bill attached to any delivery food. The trend today (when assigning buzzer numbers to new suites) is to give buzzer numbers that, in no way, indicate which suite you are ringing. That way, if someone buzzes your suite, they have no way of knowing which suite is yours unless you tell them. A good idea for personal safety.

However, the bills that come with delivery food usually has the buzzer number written on it somewhere so the driver knows who to buzz. When you think about it, they contain a lot of sensitive information - your name, address, and buzzer number. I don't want someone who dumpster dives for information to know that much about me.

Shred those bills, it could save your identity from being stolen.

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