Saturday, February 28, 2009

Like Natural Cures? You'll Love This Website

If you prefer natural remedies to torturing your body with man-made prescriptions, visit this website: It contains a cornucopia of information - both old and new - all completely natural.

The site is interactive. At any time, you are free to leave your comments, feedback, ask questions, or anything you like. This website is in my top 10 "Websites I Visit Frequently".

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kathi said...

Fun site. Alternately feel free to contact me about Univera LifeScience products #1190807 or (globally). We have the world's largest medicinal plant library with bioethnologists who travel the world to find traditional remedies. The ingredients are analyzed with our plant MRI to the DNA level to formulate products that undergo human clinical trials. Consistency in ingredients and freedom from containments are valuable modern upgrades. I used natural remedies my whole life until I found this company. What they have come up with in products for the 21st century is amazing.