Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food or RUTF

RUTF is changing how World Vision and other charitable organizations treat acute malnutrition in children under five. The peanut butter-based spread contains oil, sugar, and life-saving micro-nutrients. It has the consistency of thick spread and tastes like super-sweet peanut butter. It is packaged in a sanitary container so mothers can transport, store an feed it to their children without any worry of contamination.

Before RUTF, parents of severely malnourished children had to take their children to stay at a feeding centre for long periods of time. Now moms can go to the feeding centres, stock up and home with their children right away. The therapeutic food is a super boost of energy, calories and nutrition for children who are so malnourished they cannot eat regular food. Now parents of sick malnourished children can treat them at home. What a blessing for both parent and child!!

Children are recovering at home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Niger and Ethiopia.

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