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57 Ways to Cure Your Headache (final)

Final installment of 57 Ways to Cure Your Headache. Reprinted from MRI Technician School.

Zen Ways To Cure A Headache

From meditation to yoga, these practices have been around for centuries. Take a look at the below for some help in curing your headache.

25. Meditation Can Boost Your Gray Matter : If helping cure your headache isn’t enough of a reason to meditate, how about increased brain power? This report from Live Science and MSNBC chronicles a study that shows just that. Published in “NeuroReport,” the study showed that people who meditate 40 minutes a day can actually change your gray matter.

26. Meditation Handbook : Get a more comprehensive guide to meditation by stopping here. Several types and techniques of meditation are used. You can try the more traditional like sitting or reclining and move onto sweeping and cathartic dancing.

28. Meditation Station : If you’re ready for something a little more advanced to help cure your headaches, stop here. In addition to tools for beginners, there are also more advanced practices. Of note are the over 100 techniques featured, a message board, and much more.

29. Gi Gong For Headache : This meditation is specifically designed to cure headaches. Master Jason Park shows you how in this YouTube video. Simple exercises and more are shown.

30. Daily Meditation : Keep headaches away by taking part in a daily meditation. This YouTube video is ten minutes long and contains help for mediation. Music and images are featured.

31. Breathing Relaxation Exercise : Developed by health and wellness professionals, this exercise provides an easy self-help technique that has been proven to be highly effective in battling stress and sleeplessness. It has also helped people who suffer with headaches and anxiety. A soothing voice guides you through the four minute exercise.

32. How To Get Rid Of A Headache Fast : In this seven minute video, a hypnotist helps a woman cure a headache. Teaching that headaches can be based on emotional expressions, he shows how to heal your body. There are also hypnosis for other ailments.

33. Hypnosis Relaxation : Avoid headaches by using this hypnosis to help you relax. This free video includes binaural beats and hypnosis relaxation. Other parts of the video and related ones are also available.

34. Yoga Poses For Headache Relief : Elizabeth Rose is a registered Hatha yoga teacher who teaches all who watch this video how yoga can cure headaches. Sufferers of tension headaches will enjoy this. There are also many other related videos from her.

Massage Ways To Cure A Headache

Massage is a common method of relieving headaches and can be done by yourself or a loved one.

35. How To Massage Migraine Headaches : This entry from Ezine shows exactly how to massage to cure a migraine headache. Pressure points and techniques are defined. They even feature five pressure points to focus on.

36. How To Massage Away A Headache : If looking for a simpler guide than the above, check out this one. It is provided in a few simple steps by eHow. You can also find many related guides.

37. Massage That Tension Headache : In a lengthy article, Associated Content tackles the subjects. Types of headaches and their causes are also discussed. They even include a few instructional videos.

38. How To Massage A Headache Or Migraine Away : The holistic science and spirit expert at The Houston Examiner gives new age tips on how to cure headaches. The art of reflexology is also discussed. She also tells how to follow up and gives other tips.

39. Headache Treatment : Massage Nerd provides many free videos on the subject. In this three part series, he shows how a deep tissue massage can help a headache. For best results, have a loved one watch while performing on you. There are also massages for other ailments.

40. How To Massage Away A Headache : Expert Village is another place to turn to on YouTube for useful videos. In this one, expert Sundae Tomas shows how to massage away a headache. Although she is performing it, you can do on yourself.

41. Swedish Scalp Massage : If looking for a more exotic way to cure your headache, check out this video. Nicole graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and shows how the scalp massage can be the most relaxing part. An excellent way to relieve tension.

Alternative Ways To Cure A Headache

If your mind is more open than your head is pounding, check out these alternative ways to cure a headache.

42. Acupressure : If sticking needles into your skin sounds more painful than your headache, this may not be for you. However, results can be impressive. However, acupressure therapists are also known to use their hands, elbows, arms, or fingers in order to stimulate the flow of blood throughout the body.

43. Acupuncture : If looking strictly for needles in the skin, this is the place. It is based on the principle of using the bodies own natural healing powers. This article even uses studies to show how acupuncture can cure headaches.

44. Fumes : If some smells can cause headaches, why can’t others help them? In this folk home remedy, headache sufferers put five drops of ammonia in a half glass of water. Inhaling the fumes is said to help.

45. Ice Pack : If you have a migraine headache, give this a try. Putting an ice pack to your head cools the blood vessels, relieving pressure on the nerves. Also useful if you put the ice pack on the back of your neck.

46. Eucalyptus Oil : Add this to your next headache massage for best results. If you put a few drops in a carrier oil and massage on your forehead, it should help. The scent is also effective against tension headaches.

47. Feverfew : This plant is a member of the sunflower family and has been used for centuries as a home remedy. Take a few leaves and chew. It is also useful for arthritis, fevers, and menstrual pain. Not recommended for pregnant women or young children.

48. Menthol : No, smoking won’t cure your headache. However, menthol sold at health stores can be helpful for curing headaches. Massaging it into the temples can have a calming effect.

49. Foot Bath : Soaking your feet in warm water does more than relieve aches and pains. It can also cure a headache. Try adding some Epsom salt if it doesn’t work.

Best and Surprising Ways To Cause A Headache

So you don’t have to cure a headache, avoid the below triggers, both well known and uncommon.

50. Stress : We all know that stress causes many health issues. In fact, there is even a special designation for headaches causes by stress. Also known as tension headaches, it is estimated that over one third of adults experience them one or two times a month. If you fall into this category, that overbearing boss or bickering with your significant other may be the cause.

51. Dehydration : As discussed earlier, a simple glass of water can be the cure to a headache. According to this site, three out of four Americans don’t drink enough water, and it is a major cause of headaches. Because dehydration leads to lower electrolytes and off balance pH levels, they can trigger even migraine headaches.

52. Teeth Grinding : Since it is done at night while you sleep, it can be a surprising cause of headaches. Grinding your teeth at night can be a sign of stress, vitamin deficiency, and other causes. Health 911 recommends supplements and even a custom mouth guard. If you feel this may be the cause of your headaches, try seeing a dentist first to see if they agree.

53. Being A Woman : Another of life’s perks to being a woman is the added headaches. It is estimated that 15-17% of women suffer from headaches, whereas men come in at the five percent range. A common factor of this is the premenstrual migraine headache. At this time of the month, women experience a drop in estrogen that can lead to a headache. The best thing to do is reach for one of the above treatments.

54. Your Hairdo : Sure that ponytail may look nice and was convenient, but did you know that it could be causing your headaches? If a frequent ponytail wearer and headache sufferer, try taking it down to see if that helps. Earrings and headbands can also cause headaches.

55. Weather : It isn’t that common, but changes in air pressure can trigger pressure in your head. Changes in air pressure can also have adverse effects in many other health aspects. “USA Today” has more.

56. Cologne : If feeling good is more important than smelling good, why not try skipping your daily dose of cologne for a few days to see if it helps your headaches? Although it isn’t known exactly which scents cause what, it is a good idea to avoid as many as you can if you experience chronic headaches. This includes switching to unscented detergents, soaps, and related products.

57. Sex : It has been shown to relieve stress, but can it also cause headaches? Yes, according to Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee. The coital headache can occur during foreplay or right before orgasm, and this blog entry has much more.

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