Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recycling, Reusing, Reducing and Repurposing

Transform a large coffee can into a mini trash can. Slip a small plastic bag inside and use it in the car, yard, on the patio or even in the bathroom.

Large coffee cans make great storage for small toys. With the snap-tight lid in place, they make safe places to keep toy cars, used crayons and other small items until they are needed again.

Got old worn-out bedsheets? Got kids? On a nice sunny day outside or even a cool, rainy one inside, dig out those sheets you've been saving. Give the sheets to the kids along with permission to cut them if they wish. Now, grab a cup of tea or coffee and watch imagination at work.

Painting? Old bedsheets make great dropcloths.

Got some old bobby pins laying around? Got a nail needs hammering? Save your fingers and use those old pins as a nail holder. Slip a bobby pin over the nail to hold it in place as you hammer. No more tears!

Prescription bottles are just the ticket for travelling. Many times a traveller will not want to bring a full-size bottle of lotion or shampoo on the trip. Put some in a prescription bottle; then, place the bottles in ziplock bags in case of leakage.

Ziplock bags are the perfect solution when taking full-size bottles on the trip as well. If the bottle does leak - accidents do happen - the product will only go as far as the bag. This is a win-win situation in my mind. You can still the product that is in the bag; and, you have no product on any of your other belongings.

Old Christmas or other greeting cards have several uses once the occasion has past. Many people keep the picture from the rest of the card of the card and donate the pictures to school art programs. The other half of the card is recycled, of course.

For those of us who love great old family recipes written out in long hand, the backs of old Christmas cards (or any greeting card) are a wonderful place to write them. Every time a favourite recipe is pulled out, the picture will bring back old memories.

Make your own floating key chain by punching a hole through the side of a painted wine cork (near one end). Pass a small chain or key ring through it and Presto! Perfect for boat owners or users; swimmers; or anyone who spends time around water.

Got some great old clothing hanging about that still has plenty of life left in it? Your local theatre group or school may be interested in it for use as costumes.

Old leaky garden hoses have several new lives they can go on to. Make your backyard swing set much safer by cutting lengths of old garden hose; and, using them to cover the swing set chains. This will prevent little hands and fingers from getting pinched, squeezed or twisted.

Slit open a length of old, leaky garden hose and slip it over the wire handle of a bucket so that it doesn't cut into your hand.

Firmly attach buttons to clothing by using dental floss. Once the button is sewn with the floss, it will never fall off again.

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