Saturday, September 1, 2012

Slick Tricks

Flower pots are great for all kinds of things - not just babysitting. Photo courtesy:

I am a hopeless gardener. Life has no meaning if I'm not gardening. In the winter, I content myself with my indoor plants; and, planning next year's garden, of course. Besides, satisfying my craving for dirty hands, these uses for pre-owned flower pots recycle, reduce, reuse and repurpose pots that otherwise would have landed in the landfill.

The small, plastic conjoined pots that bedding plants come in make great containers in which to start next year's seed.

Use old pots to store your gardening tools - snippers, trowel, twine, whatever.

Flower pots make great gifts when decorated by hand. They don't have to be filled with a plant - put in anything you like. Photo courtesy:

Old clay pots take very well to decorating. Cover them with paint, fabric, buttons, glitter - whatever is on hand. Fill pot with garden-themed items - seeds, gardening gloves, hand tool, etc. or a lovely plant.

This is so creative, it deserves a space where everyone can enjoy it. Photo courtesy: just another ragbag

Clean out plastic flower pots (decorate if you want) and place them under your bathroom sink to organize items such as bushes and combs, q-tips, and sponges.

Under the kitchen sink, they can hold all the small items that need a home - plastic pot scrubbers, j-cloths, etc.

Old flower pots do not need to go the landfill. Nurseries will always take back clean plastic pots.

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