Thursday, November 20, 2008

Calling All Eco-Nuts

I'm hoping to build a community of nature nuts who would like to share photos, stories, hints, tips, comments, and; generally, try to improve our environment.

Do you have a story and/or pictures of a pollution problem in your area - or better yet - a story and/or photos of a pollution problem solved?

Do you have helpful hints for recycling or otherwise helping to reduce waste?

Is there an event coming up in your area that you would like publicized concerning the environment?

I would be delighted to publish them and give full, partial or no credit to the contributor as they desire. Wouldn't opinions from different countries be amazing!! We could really learn something from each other. Not to mention having our minds opened to a new way of thinking.

If this interests you, leave your stories, photos, comments, wisdom or whathave you either under the comments section or use the option to follow up with email.

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