Friday, November 28, 2008

A Warning To My American and Canadian Friends

Linens 'N Things are going out of business. While they are having some wonderful sales to liquidate their stock, they are not honouring their gift cards. Do not be fooled into buying someone's gift card, no matter how good the deal sounds, you will find yourself with a gift card you cannot use.

Circuit City is also on the verge of bankruptcy. Circuit City is the head company for Best Buy and Future Shop. A word of warning about purchasing gift cards from them as well. It may end up that their gift cards become as useless as Linens 'N Things gift cards. They may not; but, is it worth the chance? The same applies to anything electronic that carries a warranty through the store only. In order to satisfy the warranty the store must still be there.

If these stores are in your country, buy with caution.

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