Monday, November 3, 2008

Two More Lives Gone

Early this morning one more little life gave up the struggle and later this morning another little life joined her brothers and sisters. The remaining female had been segregated from her sister as there definitely appeared to be something wrong with the litter with the exception of her. Her new owner-to-be has named her Scratch because they are starting from scratch. Right from the beginning Scratch (the grey one) was larger than her siblings. We didn't think much about it; but, I think now that it was a sign that there was something wrong with the rest. Although they ate heartily, they failed to thrive. Of course, I was sure it was just a matter of time before they caught up to Scratch. I didn't realize I was wearing my rose-coloured glasses at the time.

Unfortunately, the mother cat was already pregnant when she discovered our feeding station. When we first saw her, she was in wretched condition - her coat was dry and listless and she was definitely underweight. She fed well for the last part of her pregnancy; but, by this damage the formation of the babies had already been determined. Being feral, we also don't know if she has any diseases or conditions that were passed on to the little ones.

Fortunately, the little ones passed away warm and full. The legacy of not spaying an neutering pets lives on. Four little lives were brought into this world only to pass away in less than a week due to inadequate care for both mom and dad. In cases like this, all the rescuers can do is try to save lives and cry when they fail.

They will be buried beside their siblings.

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