Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Few Fun Pictures

My parents have gone on the Alaska cruise several times now and I am just so jealous. I really want to do this trip at least once. I thought I would post a few pictures Dad sent me from one of the cruises.

The stateroom he and mom had. Looks nice, eh?

Looks cold to me.

Water so clean, it reflects like a mirror.

I can't wait.

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kathi said...

A friend of mine went on what must have been the same or a similiar cruise a year or so ago. Comparing the same photos (taken about the same time of year) there is a visible difference in snow cap and ice. What is happening in Alaska from global warming is very disconcerting to me. To have people like Sarah Palin in charge, who shoot wild life from helicopters, think the earth was made by God 6000 years ago and that it is okay that only her small, fundamentalist sect will get to heaven just deepends the concern. What happens at the ice caps effects the whole planet.

Glad your folks had a good time, P. Hope you get to go soon.

In response to today's post, the thing that comes to mind from my environment is that I make a simple compost pile on each of my properties, putting the leaves, yard waste and all household compostables in it. there are a number of benefits starting with these things not going to the landfill. I just set aside an out of the way area that has the space and make (usually circular, at one place it's against a fence so rectangular) a wire enclosure to dump the stuff. I let nature take it's course. When I want the rich soil that is made, I just pick up the wire enclosure and turn over the top to reveal and use, then either put it back or let it start in another location. Very simple.