Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beware People of Massechusetts

A bill recently passed the Massachusetts senate giving the government a little too much power. The bill is being hurried along due to fears of a Swine Flu pandemic this flu season. While I agree that the intentions may be well-intentioned; the method of delivery leaves much to be desired.

According to the bill, if there is a Swine Flu pandemic and you don't get the Swine Flu vaccine, you can be ordered into quarantine. If you refuse the quarantine, you can face a fine of $1,000 per day that you resist. Pretty draconian considering it's someone else's body they want to vaccinate.

Trusting in the doctors, many people are blindly lining up to receive their jab; however, there are many alarming facts about the Swine Flu vaccine.

Doctors have begun to give their patients the Swine Flu vaccine without studying how this vaccine works in humans. If there is something wrong with the vaccine, it could be too late for those who have received the injection. The production of this vaccine was so rushed that there was not time for human testing; and, the vaccine went straight to the market.

Human testing will not begin until after the Swine Flu vaccine has already been administered to many unsuspecting patients. Too little, too late in my mind.

This is the same Swine Flu vaccine that the government itself is unsure of the vaccine's safety, yet they are issuing penalties if it is not taken.

Government officials would also have the right to enter private property to assess the status of the pandemic. I see plenty of opportunity for misuse of authority under these circumstances.

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kathi said...

I agree, Philippa. I lived in FL when the first mass vaccination was administered and saw scores of elderly people die. I have never taken flu shots or any of the mass inoculations (past childhood when I had no choice)and have never had a problem. When you realize the regular flu shot targets only certain flues and there is no telling if that is the one you are going to get, seems like a waste to me. This is something else though. The national news reported there were one million cases of swine (NIH1) flu in US with 500 deaths.