Thursday, September 24, 2009


Photo courtesy: Boyes Hot Springs.

Many people have stopped using this type of fly paper due to ethical questions about the morality of using fly strips that hold a fly hostage until it dies of hunger and thirst.

A new threat to birds has been discovered by a few peple who still use these types of fly paper. Apparently, strips that had been hung beside windows, slider patio doors and/or open doorways to the outside have trapped birds on the strips.

Birds have very keen eyesight; and, it is suspected that the birds can see the flies trapped on the strip. They consider this a free meal and get trapped when trying to eat the flies.

Their feathers have become trapped on the sticky paper and the birds are unable to free themselves. From what I understand, no fatalities have occured as the homeowner has been home at the time of the incident since there is either a window or door open that allows the birds access to the home.

Take care with sticky paper, friends.

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