Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Odd Blog (I warned you about)

These pears are no tricks of nature. A Chinese farmer has perfected the art of growing pears in a baby-shaped mould to develop these amazing baby-shaped pears.

Strange fruit: The baby-shaped pears are created inside a mould.

These pears could be available in the UK very shortly. These pears are designed to resemble young child; but, personally I can see more than a vague resemblance to Buddha.

Farmer Gao Xianzhang spent six years perfecting his idea, which involves growing each fruit for a certain amount of time inside individual moulds.

These pears sell for a whopping £5 ($8.28 US ); but, people in his home village of Hexia, in northern China's Hebei province, have been snapping them up as if they were free.

Hanging around: Farmer Gao Xianzhang checks on his pears.

He said: 'People seem to think they are cute or lucky and will buy them as soon as they're off the tree.' He has grown 10,000 of the pears this season and is planning to export them to Britain as well as the rest of Europe.

Luckily for Mr Gao, he should have no problem getting his irregular-shaped fruit past EU officials.

In July, wonky-shaped fruit and vegetables (curvy cucumbers, knobbly carrots, twisty turnips and such) returned to European supermarket shelves thanks to the abolition of EU rules on the size and shape of 36 types of fruit and vegetables.

For 20 years, EU-wide marketing standards encouraged only the finest-looking produce to reach shops. While this may have improved the aesthetic value of the produce, it prevented alot of nutritious but "deformed" produce from reaching the people. I, for one, am glad to see it repealed.

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