Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drug Promises to Keep Hair From Going Grey

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A wonder(?) pill which is being developed can stop hair from turning grey, a media report said.

Experts at beauty firm L'Oreal claim it will keep your crowning glory the same natural colour forever, The Sun reported. They promise the daily drug will not be expensive; and, is totally natural because it uses a fruit extract.

Bruno Bernard, head of hair biology at the cosmetics giant, said: "People will take it like a dietary supplement. They need to start using the pill before their hair goes grey."

L'Oreal - which has been developing the drug for more than a decade - says it won't be available until 2015; AND, it will take 10 more years before they can prove it works based on whether the pill poppers go grey or not.

Grey hair happens because, as you age, your cells don't produce as much of a "helper" enzyme called tyrosinase-related protein-2. L'Oréal has developed a proprietary fruit-derived enzyme that it thinks will be able to mimic the effects of your natural protein; but, it won't be revealing exactly what the enzyme is until the International Investigative Dermatology in 2013, closer to the pill's release date.

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