Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Bee Champion Has Entered The Food Industry

Photo courtesy: Honeydrop

Business giving, and even campaigning, is nothing new. But it has been heartening to see how many food industry brands have rallied around the plight of the honeybees to develop serious, substantial responses — from Haagen Dazs' bee boy mayhem to The Cooperative Group's Plan Bee — to Colony Collapse Disorder and other threats to pollinators. It's almost as if they know that without bees, there would be very little food...

Now Honeydrop, a maker of natural teas and beverages, has launched a major campaign to save honeybees. And they are partnering with a leading New York urban beekeeper to do it.

For each purchase of Honeydrop's teas and natural beverages in the tri-state area, the company will make a contribution to NYC beekeeping guru and founder of Bees Without Borders Andrew Coté's efforts to revive urban beekeeping.

Crucially, for an issue that is having an impact across the Unites States, donations will be made according to regional sales to community beekeeping partners in each area:
Through "Buy a Bottle - Save a Bee," Honeydrop will help save the threatened bee population, as a percentage of profits from every bottle sold will be donated to the brand's community beekeeper partners, helping them to build and maintain new beehives. Each new beehive increases the bee population by 40,000-60,000 bees, actively combating Colony Collapse Disorder.

Check out Honeydrop's Buy a Bottle, Save a Bee campaign for more information.

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