Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Using Wild Chamomile as a Wild Animal Repellent

Photo courtesy: howstuffworks.com

No matter the problem, there is always an environmentally-friendly solution; and, Kathmandu in Nepal is leading the way in creativity for finding this environmentally-friendly, win-win solution to the problem of elephants grazing their fields.

Villagers in the western Nepalese district of Bardiyal has resorted to the use of chamomile flowers to keep away wild animals. The villagers - threatened by wild rhinos and elephants who destroyed their crops and charged at locals - resorted to the simple, non-violent measure after discovering that mint and chamomile plants repelled the animals.

As an added bonus, chamomile is a wonderfully, medicinal plant that the locals can use in traditional medicines. Chamomile has long been used as a sleep aid. A tea is made that can be sweetened with honey. When drunk, chamomile relaxes the drinker's system enough for natural sleep to be obtained. Preliminary research suggests chamomile is an effective therapy for anxiety as well.

In Russia, chamomile tea is used for stomach troubles, colds, and muscle aches as well as the usual anxiety and insomnia.

Mint is a powerful digestive aid that soothes irritated digestive tracts and helps to expel gas. It is used in cooking due to its pleasant flavour and delightful aroma.

The project has been nominated for the World Challenge 2011 which recognizes projects bringing social and environmental benefits through enterprise and innovation.

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