Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baking Soda - A Natural Alternative

Not only is baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) an earth-friendly cleaner and deodorizer, it is also unbelievably inexpensive and easy to use. So what CAN you do with baking soda?

- baking soda in the fridge not only removes odours; but, excess moisture as well
- sprinkle some in the bottom of your fruit and veggie crispers and cover with a towel for longer-lasting, crispier produce
- use a small amount on a damp sponge to clean out the frig, clean the stove top, clean the counter tops and other surfaces while leaving a nice clean scent and no scratches
- naturally wash fruits and veggies in a pot of water with 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda added
- baking soda cuts odours: put a little in anything that requires freshening - trash bags, sneakers, laundry hampers, diaper hampers...
- to freshen appliances and help remove sludge, run some through your dishwasher (1 cup), washer/dryer (1 cup), and coffee makers (1 tbsp. followed by several clear rinses before reuse)
- water stains on wooden floors/furniture disappear after being treated by baking soda dissolved in a small amount of water
- toss a cup down the drain followed by a couple of jugs of hot water to unplug a drain
- toss a cup barely dissolved with water down the drain to sit in the trap, deodorize the pipes and sweeten the smell of your sink
- baking soda brightens teeth when used as a toothpaste and freshens breath when used as a mouthwash
- put a thin layer of baking soda paste on anything chrome, let dry, then buff off for the shiniest chrome in town
- a baking soda paste relieves bug bites
- baking soda deters ants
- mix with a teaspoon of an earth-friendly dish detergent and a gallon of water to make a spray to treat roses with black spot fungus
- freshen your carpets by sprinkling the baking soda over them the night before you vacuum
- add half a cup to laundry for brighter and fresher laundry
- use a paste of 3/1 baking soda to water to clean jewellery

Now, don't you feel greener already?

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