Friday, March 27, 2009

Food & Other Products Recall

Here is the first list of recalls from "", a site recommended by Anonymous. This site gives all recalls worldwide that pose a threat to the consumer (including medical recalls). I will be doing this list every other day. Links will be there for all products to show details and pictures (if available).

So, here is the first list from "". Another good site is "".


Mar 26---Sara Lee issues allergy alert on Ball Park BEEF FRANKS---U.S./Canada
Mar 26---Wilcoxson Ice Cream/ Huckleberry Haven recall Peanut Containing ICE CREAM Products
Mar 26---Organic To Go recalls 2007 Peanut Butter COOKIES
Mar 26---McCain issues allergy alert on SHEPHERDS PIE---Australia
Mar 26---Kronfagel recalls Frozen CHICKEN BREAST Products---Sweden
Mar 26---Electrolux Home Care recalls Cordless STICK VACUUMS---International
Mar 26---Outerwears Inc. recalls FILTERS used in Fuel Funnels
Mar 26---Lenovo recalls ThinkVision Speaker AC ADAPTORS---International
Mar 26---Zoll Medical warns owners about AED Plus DEFIBRILLATORS---International
Mar 26---Fort Dodge Lab. recalls Veterinary Factrel/ Torbugesic TREATMENTS
Mar 26---Baxter Healthcare recalls
Mar 26---Remel Inc. recalls Dryspot Staphytect Plus Agglutination TESTS
Mar 26---Medtronic recalls Complete SE Self Expanding Biliary Stent SYSTEMS
Mar 26---Actavis recalls Acetaminophen/ Codeine Phosphate BOTTLES
Mar 26---BD Diagnostic recalls PrepStain SYSTEMS---International
Mar 26---Rochester Medical recalls Magic3/ Hydrosil Intermittent CATHETERS---International
Mar 26---ImClone Systems Inc. recalls Erbitux (Cetuximab) INTRAVENOUS---International
Mar 26---Biosite Inc. recalls Triage Drugs of Abuse Panel TEST KITS---International
Mar 26---LifeScan Inc. recalls OneTouch SureStep TEST STRIPS---International

Mar 25---Bigol & Cortdera Inc. issues allergy alert on Berkeley Bakery Ensaymada UBE
Mar 25---Limoilou recalls Glass Jarred MEAT SAUCE---Canada
Mar 25---Bizou International recalls NECKLACE w/Flower Pendants---Canada
Mar 25---Potent Life PRODUCTS added to recall list---Canada
Mar 25---CHINESE FRUIT imports halted due to Pesticides---Kazakhstan
Mar 25---AT&T recalls
Mar 25---Zebco recalls Advanced Youth Fishing Rod & Reel COMBO SETS---International (wrong picture)
Mar 25---Four Star Group recalls Fresh D├ęcor 10 Count LED Star STRING LIGHTS---International
Mar 25---MM Compound recalls Hooded Fleece SWEATSHIRTS---International
Mar 25---La Jolla Sport recalls (wrong picture)
Mar 25---Golden Grove Trading recalls Children’s Hooded Fleece JACKETS---International
Mar 25---Rusty North America recalls Hooded Fleece SWEATSHIRTS---International
Mar 25---Dysfunctional Clothing recalls Hooded Fleece SWEATSHIRTS---International
Mar 25---GAF Control recalls Sunair FAN HEATERS---Australia
Mar 25---ShangHai HuNan recalls Bang Shi HAIR DYE---Singapore
Mar 25---Atlantic Bus recalls Several 2006-2007 TRANSIT BUSES w/Ricon Lifts
Mar 25---Mitsubishi recalls 2008-2009 Lancer/Outlander VEHICLES---International

These recalls are international, so no matter where you live this list is of benefit to you. I have made notations at the end of the descriptions for two recalls that had wrong pictures attached once you visited the page via the hyperlink.

Stay safe, friends.

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