Saturday, March 28, 2009

Food and Other Products Recall

Unfortunately, yesterday seems to be a day FULL of recalls. Check them out.

Mar 27---Kroger recalls Private Selection PISTACHIO NUTS
Mar 27---Power Marcanio et Fils issues allergy alert on Several PRODUCTS---Canada (at first, the page appears blank; but, the info starts waaay down the page)
Mar 27---Péché Gourmet issues allergy alert on Several CANDIES---Canada (info starts waaay down page)
Mar 27---Abu Lafia issues allergy alert on Several BISCUIT PRODUCTS---Canada (info waaay down)
Mar 27---PaleyBar expands Jam-N-Peanuts BARS recall---International
Mar 27---Menora Foods recalls Jindi/Top Paddock/Wattle Valley/Willow Grove CHEESES---Australia
Mar 27---Emomarche recalls Cigalou Special Poultry/ Fish CURRY---France
Mar 27---UL Warns of APPLIANCE CONTROLS w/Counterfeit UL Mark---U.S./Canada (info waaay down)
Mar 27---UL Warns of Counterfeit Portable Cabinet LIGHT SYSTEMS---U.S./Canada (info waaay down)
Mar 27---Central Fireplace recalls Direct Vent GAS FIREPLACES---U.S./Canada
Mar 27---Quebec orders recall on PoliceTASERS---Canada
Mar 27---Health Canada Advises Canadians Not to Use Electronic CIGARETTES---Canada
Mar 27---TOWELLING CLOTHS w/various decorations recalled---France
Mar 27---My Play Fun recalls Baby Bath Time Fun Plastic TOY RATTLE---Slovakia
Mar 27---Stargazer recalls NAIL POLISH---Slovakia
Mar 27---Police Action Team Black OTY MACHINE GUN recalled---Finland
Mar 27---LiHong recalls Set of 3 Soft BALL TOYS---Finland
Mar 27---Jumbo recalls Pink Baby's JACKETS---Greece
Mar 27---Burberry recalls Children's Clothing SETS/ COATS---Greece
Mar 27---Sunparty Happy Kids recalls Children's SPORTS OUTFITS---Bulgaria
Mar 27---Several Food Imitating SCENTED CANDLES recalled---Denmark
Mar 27---KSD recalls Food Imitating SCENTED CANDLES---Denmark
Mar 27---Eurotrade recalls Folding White STEP STOOL---U.K.
Mar 27---Travel Log recalls Universal TRAVEL ADAPTORS---U.K.
Mar 27---Pescatore/Pesci Kids recalls White Cotton BONNETS---U.K.
Mar 27---Learn & Fun recalls Pull-Along TOY TELEPHONE---Germany
Mar 27---Abro Industries recalls Abro-20 SPRAY PAINT---Latvia
Mar 27---BAVs Enterprise recalls SVP Feesto SPRAY PAINT---Latvia
Mar 27---Bache recalls Blue Children's SHOES---Spain
Mar 27---Due Esse recalls Multicolored LIGHTING CHAINS---Spain
Mar 27---Bella Tunno recalls Binker SOOTHER HOLDERS---Spain
Mar 27---Tanis Herrero recalls Ladie's Black/Gold SANDALS---Spain
Mar 27---Force Pistol TOY GUN w/Darts recalled---Poland
Mar 27---Park recalls Wooden SWING SETS---Sweden
Mar 27---Bao Bei Zhiyue recalls Children's Toy RATTLES---Czech Republic
Mar 27---ZeXt/PMS recalls Wall Socket Travel ADAPTERS---Czech Republic
Mar 27---Nefit/ Buderus recalls Several GAS BOILERS---Netherlands
Mar 27---Eurocamping recalls 1091/1090 Piezo Camping LIGHT/ STOVE---Netherlands
Mar 27---Plein Air recalls Portable CAMPING STOVES---Netherlands
Mar 27---New England Wheels recalls 2005-2007 FORD VANS w/Ricon Lifts
Mar 27---Citroen recalls 2007 C4 Picasso VEHICLES---Germany
Mar 27---Ford recalls 2004-2008 SX/SY Territory VEHICLES---Australia
Mar 27---Ford recalls 2009 Ka VEHICLES---Greece
Mar 27---Yamaha recalls 2009 YZF-R125 MOTORCYCLES---Greece
Mar 27---Honda recalls 2009 GG2/GG3 Jazz VEHICLES---Greece
Mar 27---Dongfeng Motors recalls 2006 Sunny VEHICLES---China
Mar 27---Novo Nordisk Ltd. recalls Novofine Insulin PEN NEEDLES---U.K.
Mar 27---Department of Health recalls Sci-tica HERBAL PILLS---Hong Kong
Mar 27---Department of Health recalls Shan Dian Qiang Xiao Shou SLIMMING PRODUCT---Hong Kong

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