Monday, March 2, 2009

Sustainable, Biodegrable, Simply Amazing Furniture

I saw this chair and I thought: How natural, how whimsical, and how creative! I fell in love with it on sight and already have a place picked out for it in my imaginary garden.

Designer Shinwei Roda Yen is the brilliant mind behind this garden chair she calls it her “mushrooms ate my furniture” chair. A totally natural addition to any garden, the seat of natural wood is extremely comfy as is (or I’m sure a back could be added for laggards like me!) and allows an excellent spot to take a break and recharge before either carrying on with one’s day or going home for nap.

Meanwhile, as you sit, unbeknownst to you underneath your very bottom, unseen unless you look for them, lurk things fermenting and growing in the dark, murky underside of the bench.

The manufacturer has seeded the underneath of the bench with mushroom spores. In the perfect climate close to soil, mushrooms are growing that will satisfy your urge for that delectable fungus for years. (Check first to make sure your bench grows edible mushrooms.)

The mushrooms will feed off the nutrients in the bench eventually causing the furniture to completely decay and return safely to your garden soil.

Now, that’s perfection!!

Photos Courtesy of Designboom

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