Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Did You Know That...

Honey comes in many different colours and flavours; and, these depend on the source of the nectar. For example, the light-coloured honey from clover will differ greatly in taste from the dark honey made from buckwheat. The lighter the colour, the milder the flavour. Please note this refers to unpasteurized honey NOT the pasteurized, nutritionally-depleted honey on supermarket shelves. Commercial honey is engineered to taste the same from bottle to bottle which does not occur with honey that has not been tampered with.

A honey buzzard is a unique species of buzzard native to Europe. This bird of prey likes to eat wasp and bee larvae as well as other insects and even frogs. The honey buzzard's legs are covered in thick scales and its head bears dense feathers to prevent stings.

Pointe shoes are worn by ballerinas to give them a more graceful and weightless appearance. The tips of these special shoes are made of layers of canvas and glue. The pretty satin that covers the shoes has a tendency to wear out quickly.

Snakes can move in a straight line; but, their bodies don't appear to be going straight. They use tread-like scales called "scutes" to scoot along the ground. Their bodies scrunch into an "s", and as their scales grip and their muscles tense, they propel forward.

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