Friday, April 20, 2012

Guerilla Gardening - the Natural Way

A variety of different melons. Photo courtesy: aworldcommunitycookbook

Melons are one of my favourite fruits - I haven't met a melon yet I haven't loved. Of course, I love all kinds of fruit; but, melons are particularly nutritious, health-giving and delicious.

I am even trying to grow a couple of vines on my balcony using the following tip. No matter what kind of melons you grow, they'll be the tastiest treats in town if you use this simple trick at planting time: Mix 5 lbs of earthworm castings (available in catalogs), 1/2 pound of Epsom salts (available in any drug store), and 1/4 cup of instant tea granules (usually available in the bulk section of your local supermarket) in a wheelbarrow or big tub. Then put 1 cup of the mixture into the bottom of each planting hole. Your melons will grow sweet and juicy beyond your wildest dreams!

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