Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Warning: Food Alert

This omelet may contain more than you think it does. Photo courtesy:

As an allergy sufferer, I know how miserable allergies can be; so, I was stunned by the information contained in a commercial I saw recently.

A famous pancake house revealed that a "splash" of pancake batter is added to every omelet made. They didn't declare exactly what a "splash" was; but, they claim this is what makes their omelets so light and fluffy.

The reason I felt this must be brought into the light is simple. Omelets are one of the few foods that many people feel safe eating because they are confident they know what is in there - eggs and seasonings...period. Never, would I expect pancake batter in an omelet.

So...fellow allergy sufferers, no matter what you are ordering in a restaurant disclose all of your allergies to the server and insist they be brought to the chef's attention. Apparently, you just never know what may lurking in your food.

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