Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Slick Tricks

Don't those pancakes look yummy! Photo courtesy: thibeault'stable.com

One way to sneak some healthy fruit and nutrition into your loved ones (and establish a new family favourite) is banana pancakes with fruit topping. The recipe is very simple. Take whichever recipe or mix is your favourite; and, start by measuring out the liquid (water or milk) into a bowl. To this add one broken banana. Use your immersion blender to liquify banana. Add all other ingredients and mix well. Cook as usual.

The fruit topping can be made with any fruit you like; but, I prefer a berry blend. Take your fruit and cut into small pieces. Place in saucepan with 1/4 cup of water; and, begin to heat gradually. Add a small amount of sugar if desired. Cook fruit until softened and juicy. Turn heat off. You may use this sauce warm, room temperature or even cold. If sauce is to be used cold, make ahead of time and refrigerate.

A plain old spray bottle. Photo courtesy: imaginationsoup.net

Do you live in a place that gets snow? Here's a trick that will entertain the kids for hours on end. Collect up a bunch of old spray bottles and fill them with water. Into each bottle put a few drops of 100% pure vegetable dye. The more drops, the darker the colour. Give them to the kids - outside! - and let them create to their heart's content. There is absolutely no danger to any animal that might come in content with the frozen colours nor with the vegetable dyes harm the earth when the snow melts. This is win-win in my book. Creativity should be encouraged in a variety of mediums - even snow.

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