Friday, January 16, 2009


I make bean soup from scratch (dried beans and all) and I also sprout seeds. Those of you who do the same realize the importance of soaking your beans and rinsing your sprouts. Soaking beans should have their water changed at least twice before cooking. That first soak (bean) or rinse (sprout) water is absolutely jam packed with good stuff for your plants. Never throw that first wash water away - dilute it enough so all your plants get to share the bounty and watch them grow green and healthy. How much more natural a fertilizer can you get than that? Not to mention saving that water from going down the drain - a small step to reducing your water footprint.

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kathi said...

Never thought of that - I get a lot of good tips from your blog, P!

I was talking to a man named William Kantz the other day and he was talking about how you can reduce your footprint by buying into solar/wind in other areas, even when you can't do it on your own home, thereby ending with net zero footprint. He's into some other cool things