Wednesday, January 7, 2009

T-Shirt Bag

I found a video on making old T-shirts into shopping bags. I think this is the video Kathi was talking about in her comment regarding plastic bag fashions. Here it is:

Another take on making a bag out of plastic bags:

Crocheting with plastic bags:

If you click on the second button from the right on the bottom bar of the video, the video will expand to full screen for easier watching: especially for those of us who are older and bifocal. LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

you're a love!!! That is exactly the video I was talking about, but it went to quickly for me to see how they did corners. Don't know about adding more plastic to the environment, via duct tape, now that I've seen your plastic vortex video. Maybe there is a way to fuse plastic bags onto old t-shirts to combine the two ideas. Thanks P!!!!