Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Want One, I Must Have One!!

Photo courtesy: Coroflot

What a great idea!! I must have one. I have always harboured a secret desire to have a bathroom that had access to the outdoors; so I could bathe in the open air surrounded by nature’s beauty and scents. In my fantasy, a light wind is blowing, the water is warm and the air is perfumed with scent of wildflowers.

Now, I can have a little aid to that fantasy. Moss has a clean, clear woodsy smell that never fails to relax me. When you touch moss, it’s like touching a canvas of living velvet. I have been caught fondling moss; and, confess to a fascination for this forest ground cover.

From Coroflot:
This bathroom carpet is made of imputrescible foam called plastazote. Each cell welcomes a piece of moss (ball moss, Island moss, forest moss). The humidity of the bathroom and the drops flowing from the body, water the mosses. This vegetable carpet procures a great feeling to your feet.

For those of us who didn’t know: imputrescible = does not rot.

What a wonderful way to get in touch with nature every morning and be reminded of some the reasons we are trying to save the planet’s incredible biodiversity.

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kathi said...

Did you price them, P? Guessing you add your own moss? Tell us more when you know. I'd love one too!