Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More from William Kantz

William Kantz is working on a new website. It's URL is: http://www.ecohonest.com/search.php

He says that they are rating companies like the better business bureau on their eco-awareness. At the present time it is a database for Davidson County. While they are still working out the kinks, the real site is in-depth and will be up and running in about 30 days).

Their home page says this:
Theme - Let Reality Drive Perception

Our Mission
ecoHonest™ provides an open forum for the communication and measurement of consumer perceptions and corporate data related to environmental stewardship. With our “360° Environmental Feedback Performance Review” we standardize the verification and information exchange process, seeking to improve marketplace trust in the environmental integrity of leadership in public and private sector life.

By working together, we can make green real.

Take a look!

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kathi said...

I'm impressed with this gentleman and proud he's in TN!